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Employers' Association of Producers and Users of Industrial Equipment for Environmental Protection - UNIMED actively participated in the program of assistance for business associations, conducted by Center for International Private Enterprise - CIPE, funded by USAID.

Through this program UNIMED has benefited of training programs, U.S. counseling in business association development with Mr. Ernst Bolduc, but also a small grant for the establishment of the National Center of Environmental Evaluators and Auditors in Industry - CNEAIR.

UNIMED has proposed that in this center to set up and update two databases, one with environmental assessors and auditors in industry - certified - and another with environmental issues of national industry. This database will document the activities for employers' association UNIMED and professional association ECOEVALIND, in which there have been organized environmental assessors and auditors.  

CNEAIR will also provide necessary information and contact with other similar international organizations.

In 2003 will appear on the website of UNIMED signals about how to contact center and brief information about the services it offers.

The work procedure with service recipients will consist on sending e-mail to one of contact addresses and then contacting by e-mail, fax or telephone from the center. Engaging the works will take place after normal procedures.

Experts nominated in the database of the center will conduct activities as:

  • Assistance in introducing the environmental management systems or enterprise certification;
  • Studies, papers and research profile, including databases;
  • Organizing of scientific events, conferences, symposia, seminars, etc. with environmental protection issues or related;
  • Organizing training programs;
  • Ensuring publishing of specialized publications;
  • Civic education initiative for action in specific environmental problems;
  • Make a documentary background and information database about policies and EU environmental requirements for accession, but also for national achievements of other candidate countries in the process of complying.

Also in 2003 will appear the first catalog of environmental auditors and assessors for industry.

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